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Mahjong is a skill game for four players that originated in China. Mahjong involves skill and strategy as well as a certain degree of chance. Depending on the variation which is played, luck can be anything from a minor to a dominant factor in success. In Asia, Mahjong is also popularly played as a gambling game. Today you can play online Mahjong for money. In the game, each player is dealt either thirteen or sixteen tiles in a hand (depending on the variation being played). On their turn, each player draw a tile and discard one, with the goal of making four or five melds (also depending on the variation) and one pair, or "head". Winning comes "on the draw", by drawing a new or discarded tile that completes the hand. Thus a winning hand actually contains fourteen (or seventeen) tiles.

Mahjong also called mah-jongg by the American association, 麻將 by Traditional Chinese, 麻将 by Simplified Chinese, and májiàng by Pinyin.

History of Mahjong: One of the myths of the origin of Mahjong suggests that Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, had developed the game in about 500 BC. Also, this myth claims that Confucius was fond of birds, which would explain the name "Mahjong" (sparrow). However, there is no evidence of Mahjong's existence before the Taiping era in the 19th century, which eliminates Confucius as a likely inventor. Due to the solid form of the tiles, Mahjong is sometimes classified as a 'domino game'. This is unrealistic as the tiles are not double-headed like a western domino. Mahjong is more similar to western-style card games such as rummy with the unusual extra characteristic of having a 'hard' card.

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